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Fast Fix Plumbers Bellville offer leak detection services in Bellville and surrounding areas. We use state of the art tools in order to find and fix leaks FAST. Give us a call on the number below for quick assistance. Alternatively, fill out our secure form below and our team will come back to you in a flash.

Leak Detection

Leaking water is a cause for concern as not only does it waste water (a precious resource in our country) but also it adds cost. In South Africa studies have shown that over thirty-seven percent of our water is lost due to leaking pipes and wastage. Leak detection and repair is one of the many services that Plumber Bellville offers. While the leak needs to be dealt with as soon as possible – the causes for water leaks can vary and this can affect how the leak detection will occur.

One of the most common forms of leakage are broken seals. These can be seals on pipes or taps, or even the seals on the doors of washing machines or dishwashers. These rubber or silicone seals deteriorate over time and can cause water to leak out from appliances or behind counters or anywhere where a seal is used. This makes leak detection very easy and your leak detection plumber can come and replace seals at a minimal cost.

A blocked pipe or drain can cause leaks to happen. This can occur both because the water can back up and leak out where it comes from (think of an overflowing toilet) or the pressure caused by the blockage can form cracks in the joints or pipes around it. This can cause leaking and water wastage. A leak detection plumber will be able to pinpoint this problem and deal with blockage. This is also why blockages must be dealt with as quickly as possible so that they do not cause more damage.

Leak Detection Near Me

Corrosion can, over time, cause your pipes to leak. It is important that if your water bill is suddenly higher than usual and if you notice puddles of standing water, it is important to get someone to use leak detection technology to discover where the problem is. Aging infrastructure can be problematic, and you might want to consider replacing old pipes before they become a problem. Speak to the leak detection specialists at plumber Bellville for advice.

The weakest point in your pipeline is normally the joints. If due to fluctuations in water pressure the joints start to take strain – they can crack and break resulting in a water leak. Unfortunately, this is generally underground or behind walls and cannot be seen. Therefore it is helpful to get a plumber in to asses your plumbing needs once a year to ensure that no one joint is taking too much pressure.

Many water leaks happen in the garden and around the house – this is often due to vegetation growing around the pipes and things such as tree roots causing them to get damaged. You will know this happened when you notice a drop in water pressure through your taps or from seeing pools of water or sinkholes develop in your garden or on your pavement. Using leak detection technology, a plumber can come and assess exactly where in the pipe the leak is occurring and fix it with little hassle. If you leave a problem like this for too long the ground can become unstable due to water eroding it away. It will also add to your water bill.

If you are unsure – rather call a plumber to come and assess. These are only a few examples of many different cases that will need leak detection.

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