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Geyser Installation

Did you know that your geyser consumes the most electricity of any appliance in your home? Water heating is the single greatest electrical cost to most hotels, dormitories and private homes. There are a lot of myths around geysers and cost-saving techniques that can be employed to try and save on electricity.

In South Africa, we have an energy crisis where there is simply not enough coal generated power for all the citizens. While Eskom tries to deal with this problem we are left with load-shedding and constant calls to reduce our electricity consumption. One of the newest pieces of legislation pertaining to this is that when you have a new geyser installation, fifty percent of the power has to come from a renewable resource.

This is a great win for our country in terms of reducing our carbon emissions. This will also reduce your bill substantially, especially if using solar power.

There is however some confusion around ways in which to save money on your current geyser installation. So here we will endevour to debunk some myths that circulate especially when it comes to hot water regulation.

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Switching off the geyser has no significant impact on the power grid

This is not true. If everyone were to switch off their geysers during peak times (7am – 10am and 5pm – 10pm) the power grid would be able to function at a much higher level. This would thus reduce the need for load-shedding and help the country to function more effective.

Switching the Geyser off during the day and back on at night uses more electricity.

Again, this is not true. In fact, there is no saving or loss involved at all. Experts say that your geyser installation will lose approximately ten degrees over a twenty-four-hour period – this is known as ‘standing loss’. Once you switch the geyser on again it will use electricity to heat to the original temperature – which will essentially balance out the electricity that was saved during those hours. However, in terms of the power grid – switching the geyser off during peak hours can help prevent load shedding etc.

It is vital however that when you go away on holiday, that the geyser is switched off for the duration that you are gone. There is no need to be using that electricity and paying for it when no one is using the hot water.

Switching off the geyser will damage the thermostat or cause the geyser to crack

Neither of these are true. In fact, the thermostat switches on and off itself – it will have no impact whatsoever on the running of the geyser installation. The geyser itself will most definitely not crack. Wear and tear are caused by constant usage over time – not by switching it on and off.

Geyser blankets can become a fire hazard and can cause the geyser to overheat

Again, this is untrue. Geyser blankets when installed correctly with your geyser installation will be of the correct materials to withstand heat and will not be flammable. The thermostat in the geyser is what controls the temperature – and so with a geyser blanket it will simply work less hard, as the blanket does some of the work that electricity would do in keeping the water warm.

For any other questions you might have regarding saving electricity – speak to your geyser installation Bellville plumbing specialists today.

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