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Solar Geyser Installation

While solar geyser installations are on the rise, there is some misunderstanding in this area, and customers are being promised huge savings which, because of incorrect installation and insufficient storage of power, are never realised. It is therefore very important to speak to your solar geyser plumbing company about options that best suit your home and finances.

One of the biggest problems of solar power is that the times where power is most needed (early morning and in the evening) is often not when the sun is shining. This then results in the solar geyser installation not producing as much electricity as it could, and consumers being forced to rely once again on the power grid. It is therefore important not just to have the solar geyser installation, but also to purchase some form of electricity storage in the form of lithium batteries. These batteries store the power when it is generated and then release it back when it is needed. The system costs more but will earn its keep easily within the first six to seven years. See also our page about water meter installation.

A solar geyser installation can last between twenty and twenty-five years, especially if you get the solar geyser plumber in to perform an annual check on all the workings of your solar geyser.

Solar Geyser Installation Near Me

Even though our climate is ideal (possibly the best in the world) for solar power generation – the misconception on how this electricity is produced and used results in false expectations. A solar installation is not therefore the ‘quick fix’ that is promised to some clients. This can result in disappointment or even anger that what was promised in terms of a ninety percent saving on electricity is never realised.

Some plumbers will even cheat their customers by installing more solar panels than is necessary, as this extra power will not be used when it is generated.

It is therefore important to speak to the solar geyser Bellville specialist about a solar geyser installation that, while costing a bit more, will achieve the outcomes that it was intended to. Installing a battery storage system negates these issues and allows for a far more consistent use of solar power.

While the technology is not quite yet up to standard, in other countries – private homeowners who generate solar energy are able to sell their unused or extra electricity back to the grid. This helps immensely with nation wide power generation as power is being created and sold locally. It is also a very easy way to reduce electricity costs substantially both for the person selling power into the grid, and for those using locally generated power. It is hoped South Africa will begin to implement this system to the benefit of all citizens.

A solar geyser installation is a very worthwhile investment. The output is more than a normal electrical geyser – but if installed correctly and with the correct storage batteries – it can save a great deal of money in the long run and can make your house more marketable. It is also helping to save our environment and reduce the carbon footprint we leave. Speak to your solar geyser plumber for more information.

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