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Blocked Drain

When a blocked drain plumber gets called out to a house or a business, he has no idea what he will find when he gets there. Blocked drains are most commonly caused by hair, sanitary products and a build-up of toiletries in the bathroom, and because of grease and oil in the kitchen. Outside a blocked drain is more commonly caused by roots growing through pipes, leaves and debris clogging the down pipes or badly installed systems.

There are times however that a blocked drain is caused by a foreign object. Here is a list of some of the most surprising things a blocked drain plumber has found on his call outs!

False Teeth: Hundreds of dentures are lost down the pipes each year. In the UK – a company called Severn Trent Water Company found so many false teeth in 2011, that they launched a drive to attempt to find the owners for the teeth. As dentures are so pricey, they felt that over the Christmas period they would spread a little goodwill by helping the older members of society. In you want to avoid a blocked drain – hold on to your teeth!

A Mini: Yes, you read it currently! But to be fair it was half a mini cooper (the car) that was found clogging up the sewerage pipes in London. Talk about a blocked drain! Authorities fished it out of the drainage system under London. How it got there remains a mystery to this day.

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Reptiles: Alligators have been found on several occasions in the USA blocking up the sewerage pipes. In 2007 a 6-meter-long Alligator was found in storm water drains in the state of Florida! In South Africa, numerous stories are told of snakes in toilets or drains. This is why when you have a blocked drain it is always safer to call for the blocked drain Bellville specialists – you never know what you might find!

A fax machine: In Scotland, plumbers pulled a fax machine out from sewers! While its true that office equipment can cause great frustration (who hasn’t considered flushing their laptop at some point?) – to have literally sent a fax machine down the drain was probably not the best use of the plumbing.

A cow: In the Fuijin Province of China, authorities were called when mooing sounds were heard coming from under the ground. Having called in a blocked drain plumber, a cow – alive and well – was found underneath a nearby manhole which led to the sewer. The cow was returned to its owners in a nearby farm as she had been missing for a few days!

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Winnie the Pooh: When a local resident started noticing terrible smells coming from what appeared to be a blocked drain, they wisely called for the plumber. Upon investigation a large Winnie the Pooh teddy bear was discovered lodged in the sewerage pipes. Unfortunately, he was in such poor shape he was unable to be reunited with the child who flushed him. It is always a caution when you have young children to teach them not to throw anything down the toilet except toilet paper. Any experienced plumber will be able to tell stories of the myriad of toys discovered when tending to blocked drains.

If you notice water backing up, or terrible smells coming from your plumbing – call for the blocked drain Bellville plumbers to come and assist.

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