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In order for your plumbing to continue to run as well as it can, doing an inspection once a year can help deal with problems even before they arise and in that way provide you with peace of mind that your plumbing will not let you down at midnight on Christmas Eve. This will also save you money in the long run as problems can be dealt with before they cause damage to surrounding areas or to the floors or furniture in your home. Plumber Parow will come and do an inspection on your home in order to check everything is in working order. They will look for leaks, they check the condition of the pipes and test the water pressure. As they inspect your house, these are the items they will be checking. Also see our solar geyser page.

The kitchen contains much of your plumbing equipment and would be the place to start for any inspection. Plumber Parow will check your kitchen sink faucets, and the pipes under your sink for any leaks. They will also check for any problems in the supply lines to your kitchen plumbing and the angle stop which is what controls the flow of water. If you have appliances, Plumber Parow will check your dishwasher’s air gap which is what prevents used water from coming back up the pipes and dirtying your newly cleaned dishes again. If you have a scullery or outside sink, these will be checked in the same way your kitchen sink is.

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In the bathroom, there are many things plumber Parow will check. The taps and shower heads will be checked for leaks, the pipes under the sink and the supply lines for the sink taps, bath taps, shower head, and toilet. There is also an angle stop (as said before, that controls the flow of water) for all the sets of taps and the toilet. The toilet will get a full inspection as well, and in many cases, toilets could simply use a tune up once a year. The flapper, toilet flush valves, cistern and even the seats will be checked.

In your ceiling or wherever your geyser is situated, they will work through a check list to ensure that it is still working at optimum capacity. Geysers typically last between eight and twelve years. While you might not recognise the items on this list, our specialists at Plumber Parow know exactly where to find each part and how to check that it is in working order. They will be checking the stand, the ball valve, the temperature and pressure relief valve, the flue hat, the burner assembly and the recirculation pump. Finally, they’ll look at the expansion tank (which can reduce the risk of pressure damaging the plumbing system), the water heater flex and the water heater tank. This is not an inspection you can do without a professional.

Once they have finished with the geyser, plumber Parow will head outside and check taps and supply lines. They will also check water pressure, hose bibs and check that the pressure reducing valve is in good working order.

Having this check done once a year is the best way to keep your plumbing in order. Contact plumber Parow to come and do a home inspection today.

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