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Plumbers Bellville Launch Their New Website in Bellville, Cape Town

When starting a business in our modern times, it is imperative that your business has an online presence. Fast Fix Plumber Bellville has done exactly that by creating an excellent online web portal. This company is run by Anton van Kampen. Anton has been a plumber for over 10 years and knows the craft of his trade.

Now when you think about a plumber, you do not necessarily think about someone who has online marketing insight. Well, Anton van Kampen breaks all those paradigms.

Plumbers in Bellville Online Searches

“When we decided to move out on our own, we knew that our online presence is absolutely crucial for long term success. When potential clients enter a search phrase like “ plumbers near me “ into their preferred search engine, it is imperative to be visible.”

Anton understands that online visitors contribute for about 50% of business, especially in the beginning years. “Our team understand that we need to give our new clients a exceptional experience in order to retain their long term loyalty. That is why, when someone finds us online, we want

  1. That person to choose us as their preferred lifetime service provider.
  2. Get referrals from that client because of the excellent service we provided him or her.”

When talking to Anton, he has a very good understanding of the power of online visibility. When asking him which online channels he wants to attack first, he had the following to say:

“We would first like to dominate organic online rankings for keywords that matter. When people search for words like ‘ plumbers bellville or bellville plumbers or geyser installation ‘ we want to make sure that we take the number one position in the search engine. We would also like to be the authoritative competitor in the Google my business listing for the relevant commercial keywords.”

Registered Bellville Plumbers

When asking him how he intend to do this, he did not want to say much. I guess he is keeping his cards close to his chest. He did mention that he is working with a lead generation company that will assist his company with online rankings and other online strategies.

The service providers of Fast Fix Plumber Bellville are registered with the local plumbing board. This will help prospective clients with peace of mind, knowing they are working with registered professionals. When you have a plumbing issue, you do not just want to get it fixed. You also do not want to call the plumbing company to come back at a later stage to fix their original work.

“We know that comebacks break your reputation”, says Anton. “That’s why we make sure that our work is of top quality. We do not want comebacks. It costs us our reputation and it cost us money. We don’t like to lose either”.

Fast Fix Plumber Bellville is a breath of fresh air. The staff is professional, and they have great long term vision. When looking at their willingness to adapt to modern times and being skilled at their craft, we believe they will move from strength to strength in the Bellville, Cape Town area.

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