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How do you know that the plumber you call is someone worth trusting and who will do work that lasts and doesn’t overcharge? Not knowing the plumbing industry can result in us simply calling the Plumber near me – and expecting that they will know what they are doing. Google – the all-knowing go-to source of information, might provide you with someone who is less qualified and simply looking to make a quick buck. Typing in “ plumber near me ” is absolutely no guarantee that the results will show the right person for the job.

So then how do you know if a plumber is legitimately in the business and trustworthy?

Here is a list of qualities to look for in choosing the right person and not just the “ plumber near me ”.

Reputation: Having a sound reputation is vital for any business these days. And with the rise of social media and everyone being able to have their say – it is important that you investigate your plumber as thoroughly as possible. Ask around for recommendations. If you do need to google “plumber near me” – look at the references the advertised plumbers provide. Go to and take note of any complaints against the company and how these complaints were handled. A good reputation today is worth more than gold.

Experience: Knowing the ins and outs of plumbing is not just a matter of a qualification. Experience on the job will mean that the plumber can easily and quickly diagnose a problem and fix it first time around. Experienced plumbers will also be able to give sound advice and well-thought through options for plumbing repairs, as well as for any replacements or fittings you would want installed. Most plumbers would have worked internships in order to gain the kind of experience needed on the job. Companies that have served a community over many years will also have more experience than a new one.

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Registration: There is a body governing plumbers called IOPSA. Plumbers registered with this board are required to have certain qualifications and are held to a high standard of work. Ensuring that the “plumber near me” is registered with this oversight body will provide you with protection and the assurance that they have had to provide proof of their skills and training to those who know what is acceptable in this field.

High safety standards: When working with water, and especially with water and electricity as plumbers do, especially with any form of water heating, can be extremely dangerous. Not only can over-heated water result in severe burn injuries, but the water – electricity mix could lead to electrocution. For these reasons, you need to be sure that the plumbers you employ take every precaution necessary for themselves, their workers and for you as a family. Plumbers who work like cowboys are simply a danger to themselves and to you.

Good customer relations: A plumber while being skilled at working with his hands, also needs to know how to communicate well and effectively. This begins with the calling in process, the booking a time for the service, ensuring that the plumber is on time, being able to listen well to the problem, being able to communicate the cause of the problem and its possible solutions clearly – all the way to communicating costs well and staying true to an agreed upon amount. Any one of these elements missing in the interaction can result in you being unhappy. Perhaps that the plumber was three hours late or that it cost a couple of thousand more than what was originally said. There is no point in using the “ plumber near me ” if they are lacking in their customer care.

Make sure that any plumber you use fits these few requirements and you are far more likely to have a trustworthy plumber who will earn your loyalty.

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