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Drain Camera Inspection

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If you have a blocked drain, you may need a drain camera to see where the fault is. A drain camera inspection helps us to not guess where the problem is but to deal with blocked drain problems immediately. If the blocked drain is sewer related, then that can sometimes lead to health risks.

We live in a world where everything is going digital, and technology is just getting better by the day. You would not necessarily think that the plumbing industry is equally developing in terms of technology and machinery, but we are. Plumbers are now able to use waterproof cameras to help inspect drains and pipes. The use of technology may seem a bit too excessive to some people, but it has helped many clients with blocked drains and is a fantastic addition to the industry to help combat blockage issues with pipes and drains.

What is a Drain Camera Inspection?

A drain camera inspection is when we inspect your drain using a small camera attached to a cable. The cable is flexible so that it can manoeuvre through bends and curves. This makes blocked drain investigations easy for our plumbers to see and helps them to reach areas in your underground pipeline that are not visible on the surface.

Drain cameras allow for a unique way to inspect for any potential plumbing problems, or leaks occurring inside pipes. A drain camera helps find sewer problems. Where roots are invasive, it helps to identify broken pipes, sagging pipes, collapsed sewer pipes, rust in pipes and blockages from build-up and grease. Drain camera inspection makes it easier to identify the cause of the problem and deal with the problem to avoid plumbing issues that may arise in the future. Drain cameras cut out excessive digging to search for a problem and help identify problem areas in real-time.

How a Drain Camera Works

Way back, trying to fix a sewage problem, pipes and drains were not as easily accessible as it is nowadays. Historically, plumbers had to dig up the pipes to find where the issue was. Because of technology, it has become easier to do an inspection and figure out what the problem is quick. This leads to cost-effectiveness and is less time-consuming.

The use of a drain camera allows plumbers to look down further into the sewer system, or your plumbing infrastructure, helping to not damage your property. Sometimes tree roots grow in the sewer line. These roots can cause back-ups and plumbing issues you were not expecting.

Mostly, these cameras do not need too much time to set up. When the cable goes down the pipes, when it identifies a problem, it gives off a signal for where the problem is. These drain camera inspections also help give the layout of the pipelines. The camera shows a live video feed to a tv monitor, enabling the plumber to see where and what the problem is.

Pipe Inspection Camera

What are the benefits of using drain cameras?

You can identify the exact area of blockages or plumbing problems

When you use drain cameras, you do not assume where the problem is, it is easy and quick to reach the difficult places you cannot see with your naked eye. For example: If there is debris that is accumulating in the pipes that will later turn into clogs, then this can be determined by the drain camera. It helps to give our plumbers insight and valuable information to help solve your blocked drain or plumbing problem.

It helps spot and eliminates problems before they become bigger ones

Sometimes you may not even know in what condition old the pipes in your house are. Corrosion of pipe material and small issues can lead to leaks in your home. With services from your plumber that can offer a drain camera inspection, your plumber can spot these issues early on. This can help you make the right decisions to avoid bigger plumbing problems in the future.

Unexpected objects going down plumbing pipes that do not belong there

With time, objects that are not supposed to go down your plumbing pipes get stuck instead of water washing them away. These objects end up blocking your pipes. This is where drain camera inspection can help. It helps to identify and do away with items that will cause issues for you. And you may also retrieve a lost item or two that you had long lost.

A camera investigation also helps identify if you had prior work done on your pipes and if there were mistakes made.

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If you are a new homeowner, or you are planning to buy a house, we advise that you call your plumber to do a full check-up of your plumbing system. They need to ensure that there are no major or minor issues, so you don’t have to deal with unexpected surprises down the road.

If you are a homeowner of an old home, drain camera inspections are important to keep your home in good condition.

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